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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fitness Zone supports national football team

(Top) Wu Chun (standing, C) with DPMM FC at Fitness Zone, Kiulap. (Above) DPMM FC players give a spinning class a go. Pictures: Courtesy of Fitness Zone 
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RECENTLY, Brunei's National Team, comprising some of the best players from the 2012 Singapore League championship team, DPMM FC and Under 21 Asean cup champion started part of their training session at Fitness Zone .

According to one of the coaches, "You can build muscle, improve your cardio-respiratory functions and train your heart and lungs for the high-intensity, start-and-stop demands of soccer. Working out in the health club enable the players to strengthen their muscular endurance, explosive strength, reactive power and cardio training!"

According to Wu Chun, "these football players have become stars on their own and we as Bruneians, should be proud of them and do our best to give them the best supports and rewards they deserve! Fitness Zone is proud to offer them our facilities as one of their training venues and fitness training programmes have been arranged with the coach that has been imported all the way from the country of the 2012 Olympic football bronze medallist, Korea."

To further promote a healthy lifestyle, Fitness Zone and the national football players will also conduct football clinics at their venues and schools. 
The Brunei Times

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