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Monday, May 25, 2015

Impressive Indera SC regain lead

Indera SC's Sahrin Momin (L) in possession of the ball with MS PDB's Md Shahrizan closely following during the match at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium last night. BT/Waqiuddin Rajak 

Monday, May 25, 2015 

INDERA Sports Club (SC) got themselves back on top of the table after defeating The Royal Brunei Police Force Sports Council (MS PDB) 3-2 in the DST Superleague at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium last night.

The team scored their fifth victory in the league after their jersey number 19 Sam Frank scored the third goal 74 minutes into the game, bringing Indera SC out of the deadlock against MS PDB in a tight match.

The match however remained intense as the two teams were on equal terms in terms of offence.

Indera SC obtained their first goal eight minutes after the start of the game through their number 24 Hamizan Aziz Sulaiman, which was then equalised by MS PDB’s jersey number 8 Jasriman Hj Johari’s goal at 28 minutes after the game.

Hamizan Aziz then scored another goal before the end of the first half, which was later equalised by MS PDB’s jersey number 4 Zulhamzi Hj Awang around six minutes after the start of the second half. 

The game remained intense after Indera SC managed to score one ahead of the MS PDB before the final whistle, hearing the cheers of Indera SC’s supporters.

Indera SC’s manager Rosdin Hj Abd Aziz, however said although the team managed to score their fifth win, the team was not performing as per usual because they had lost a few players especially their right-back defender.

He said last night’s match against the MS PDB was very tight because they had to keep scoring as they could not form a tight defence.

“Even our midfielder could not play tonight so our game could not be that controlled,” he said.

“But most importantly, we managed to score three points and we are not expecting more than that because we know the opponent was also quite good especially in terms of their discipline,” he added.

With its fifth win, Indera SC managed to take over Najip FC who was on the top of the table after its 2-1 victory against IKLS FC last Saturday.

Rosdin shared that Indera SC will only be facing Lun Bawang before the start of Ramadhan and although the opposing team is not even positioned in the “middle” of the table, the manager said the team will still do its best.

“Because we are looking at game by game, so no matter how the Lun Bawang is ranked, we will still do our best for our next upcoming match,” Rosdin said.

The Brunei Times

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