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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Indera SC, MS ABDB bertemu di final

Indera SC, MS ABDB bertemu di final

Oleh Hasrulraizan

Indera SC menang bergaya 6-3 ke atas Arbisyam FC untuk mara ke perlawanan akhir Liga Juara-Juara Futsal Red Bull NFABD 2012.

MS ABDB bangkit menjaringkan dua gol pada minit ke-36 dan ke-37 bagi menang 2-1 ke atas Kota Junior sekali gus mara ke final Liga Juara-Juara Futsal Red Bull NFABD 2012.

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, 24 Sept - Perlawanan akhir Liga Juara-Juara Futsal Red Bull NFABD 2012 akan menyaksikan pertemuan di antara Indera SC dengan Majlis Sukan (MS) Angkatan Bersenjata Diraja Brunei (ABDB), manakala perlawanan penentuan tempat ketiga pula adalah di antara Arbisyam FC dengan Kota Junior.
Perlawanan separuh akhir malam ini menyaksikan kebangkitan kedua-dua finalis dari ketinggalan sebelum berjaya meraih tempat di final terutama sekali Separuh Akhir Kedua yang penuh dramatik di 7 minit terakhir perlawanan yang menyaksikan 3 gol dijaringkan, manakala 4 gol dijaringkan dalam Separuh Akhir Pertama di 6 minit terakhir perlawanan.

Arbisyam FC bermula cemerlang dengan jaringan pertama di minit pertama melalui Muhd Rifdi, namun segera kedudukan menjadi seri semula selang seminit kemudian apabila Awangku Md Naqib menghukum kealpaan pertahan Arbisyam FC bagi menjaringkan gol pertama Indera SC.

Bagaimanapun Abdul Mansur Jalilah mengembalikan semula Arbisyam selaku peneraju perlawanan melalui jaringannya di minit ke-10, namun separuh masa pertama berkesudahan 2-2 apabila Awangku Md Naqib sempat menjaringkan gol kedua peribadi dan pasukannya pada minit ke-19.

Pada perlawanan di Dewan Serbaguna, Kompleks Sukan Negara Hassanal Bolkiah itu, Awangku Md Naqib menyempurnakan hatriknya seminit bermulanya separuh masa kedua bagi Indera SC sekaligus menjadikan pasukannya buat pertama kalinya mendahului perlawanan dengan jaringan 3-2.

Tatkala perlawanan menjadi seimbang selepas itu, Junaidi memecahkan kebuntuan pada minit ke-34 bagi gol keempat Indera SC, sebelum Norazizam menjadikan kedudukan bertambah selesa 5-2 menerusi jaringannya di minit ke-36.

Seminit sebelum berakhirnya perlawanan menyaksikan dua gol lagi dijaringkan, satu gol oleh Shahaminur untuk Arbisyam FC, manakala satu gol lagi oleh Muhd Ulfi bagi gol keenam Indera SC, sekaligus memuktamadkan perlawanan berpihak kepada Indera SC 6-3.

Separuh Akhir Kedua antara Kota Junior dengan MS ABDB pula bermula perlahan dengan babak pertama berakhir tanpa jaringan, begitu juga di babak kedua sehinggalah di minit ke-33 apabila Ketua Pasukan Kota Junior membawa pasukannya ke depan 1-0.

Jaringan itu menyedarkan MS ABDB yang kembali bangkit dengan dua gol pantas pada minit ke-36 dan ke-37 bagi menterbalikkan keputusan berpihak kepada mereka, dan selepas itu kental mempertahan pendahuluannya sehingga wisel penamat ditiupkan pengadil bagi menghantar angin kekecewaan buat Kota Junior.

We are not afraid, declares Kwon

MS ABDB player in red
Brunei AFF team coach Kwon Oh-son giving instructions to his players during yesterday's training session in Berakas. Picture: BT/ Jason Thomas
Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KWON Oh-son is relishing the opportunity to lock horns with Indonesia tomorrow night.

The national football team take on Indonesia in a friendly match at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas, and despite the Merah Putih long regarded as one of the powerhouses in the region, the Wasps' coach insists his players have nothing to fear in what will be their biggest game in years.

The match is being held as part of the team's preparations for next month's ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup qualifiers in Myanmar, with the team also having competed in six friendlies against Malaysian club sides earlier this month.

"We are not afraid," declared the South Korean after yesterday's training session.

"Any country, any team. We are not afraid!

"The players will be very happy to see a packed stadium and they'll be fully motivated and focused.

"Just look at what happened during the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy (HBT)," smiled Kwon, referring to the national Under-21 team's 2-0 win over Indonesia in March to clinch the tournament for the first time in front of huge home support.

It is easy to see why Kwon oozes confidence.

He surprised the nation by leading the Under-21 team to victory in the HBT, and during the friendlies in Malaysia, held Malaysian Super League champions Kelantan to a 1-1 draw.

"Those friendlies were important for two things," he explained.

"They gave us confidence and they gave us international match experience.

"Right now during training we're working a lot on defensive and attacking organisation as well as controlling and changing tempo," he added.

His familiarity with the players many of whom featured in the HBT team is also another reason the tactician seems so assured of himself, as is the fact that the squad has been strengthened by the dozen DPMM FC players who joined the team last week.

However, only goalkeeper Mohd Fakhrul Zulhazmi Yusof and midfielders Ak Mohammad Fakharrazi Pg Hj Hassan, Mohd Hendra Azam Mohd Idris and Mohd Najib Hj Tarif will be available for selection tomorrow night.

Brunei's only professional club, DPMM FC take on Home United FC in the Singapore League (S-League) on Saturday, the game the toughest of the four matches for the club as they close out the season.

DPMM FC lie second in the 13-team S-League while Home are four points adrift at fourth.

Trailing league leaders and defending champions Tampines Rovers FC by seven points, DPMM FC have a genuine shot at winning the S-League title, and though it would take a slip-up from Tampines for them to do so, Kwon is rooting for the reigning Singapore League Cup champions to make it a double.

"I am grateful to have DPMM FC players to call upon," he said.

"DPMM FC have an important game against Home United and they are second in the S-League. I want them to win the game, and then the S-League. That's the goal.

"For us, our goal is to qualify for the Suzuki Cup.

"These are two teams trying to achieve their target.

"We are both trying to do our best and develop Brunei football at the same time."

The Brunei Times

Saturday, September 22, 2012


             FRIENDLY MATCH                                                    
                                             BRUNEI DARUSSALAM (6) vs MS ABDB (0)
                                                                  22th September 2012

                                             STADIUM NEGARA HASSANAL BOLKIAH