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Sunday, September 20, 2015

MS ABDB eight points clear at top

|     Fadhil Yunus     |

MS ABDB romped eight points clear at the top of the DST Super League after capturing a 2-0 victory against one of the supposedly title contenders Najip I Team at the Balapan Track and Field last night.

Razimie Ramli’s strike in the fourth minute and Mazazizi Mazlan’s penalty in the 16th minute were enough to inflict a fourth defeat for Najip I Team, which in this form should be enough to make it a two- way horse race for the title.

When the scores have been settled and the rough waves subsided, both teams embraced as a sign of sheer respect amongst each other in a physical and intense bout. For the army side, this was the big clearance in their uninhibited course for finally the title reign they have been fighting for.

There are still games to consider along the way but they are nearly there; it is almost there they can smell the big time.

Every tackle orchestrated the burning passion of every player and even though the level of aggression endangers the protection of the players at times the two rivals tapped each other hands before running separate directions.

Every player understands that the challenges were necessary and they have to bear the bruises of a challenge.
The goalkeeper received medical attention after being involved in an unfortunate incident but was deemed fit enough to resume the game.

Adey Shariduan Johari attempted in-swinging cross nearly found the top corner catching every single player in the box by surprise including the gazing goalkeeper.
A Najip I-Team defender (left) and a MS ABDB player challenging for the ball. - KHAIRIL HASSAN
A Najip I-Team defender (left) and a MS ABDB player challenging for the ball. – KHAIRIL HASSAN

The No 10 playing member lifted the ball with his feet knowing that the perpetrator would apply sufficient contact to warrant a foul from the referee.

Suhaime Yusof directed his header using the back of his head from a trademark Shariduan’s free-kick.

Mushiready Chuchu warrior-like tackle prevented an effort from MS ABDB which highlighted that he was up for the cause.

In a more balanced second half which demonstrated more of a possession game, the visitors were the more likely to add to the tally with Azizi Ali Rahman point- blank header was amazingly saved by Najip’s goalkeeper Fardillah Ali. The danger was not cut out yet but the defence managed to scramble clear for a corner.

Meanwhile, the match between Kilanas FC and Indera SC at the Berakas Sports Complex last night was cancelled due to technical reasons.

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