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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lions XII becomes the first professional team in ASEAN to trial the Nike ETL 2.0

Lions XII became the first professional football team in South East Asia to trial the Nike Elite Training Live (ETL) 2.0 system at the Jurong Stadium, this evening.
The ETL 2.0 consists of three components that help coaches around the world assess their players’ fitness, skills and game play. The Chance finalists will also be trialed using the same Nike ETL 2.0 system. This will be one of the main components in deciding the winner.

Khairul Nizam trying out the Nike ETL 2.0

Coach Sundram said: “The Nike ETL 2.0 is an authentic training system and is a significant step in improving our analysis of the players’ performances. I hope that this will help boost my team’s performance.”
“The ETL 2.0 is a consistent currency throughout the world and it aims to bridge the gap between professional footballers and amateurs,” said Siva Shanker Jayaraj, Nike South East Asia ETL Director.
“Nike aims to provide players with the technology and tools to improve their game and fulfill their full potential. This system also aims to inspire young aspiring footballers by making training interesting and competitive,” he added.
The USA National Women’s Football team and youth clubs also adopted the ETL 2.0 across Europe and South America. In Singapore, it has been tested in 10 schools and more than 2,000 young footballers have been trialed across South East Asia.
Lions XII head coach V.Sundramoorthy had recently teamed up with NIKE for their global search of football talents called The Chance. It’s country finals will be held on May 26 and 27 whereby five footballers will represent the Republic at the Regional Finals in Indonesia.
Four talented young footballers will be picked from the Regional Finals to represent South-East Asia at the Global Finals in Barcelona.
The LionsXII are on a break before the biggest game of the season on 4th of May against second-placed Kelantan in what could be a title-deciding match. It is currently sitting at the top of Malaysian Super League table.
Nike ETL (Elite Training Live) 2.0

SPARQ Test (Speed Power Agility Reaction Quickness)

  • 20m sprint
  • Arrowhead
  • Vertical Jump
  • Yoyo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 2

Skills Challenge

  • Rooney challenge (Test: Accuracy)
  • Ronaldo challenge (Test: Speed)
  • Iniesta challenge (Test: Control)
  • Pique challenge (Test: Touch)


  • Total distance covered
  • Number of sprints
  • Average sprint speed
  • Average total speed


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